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CIE TC 3-47

Climate-Based Daylight Modelling

The terms of reference are:

  1. To describe the state-of-the-art in CBDM and determine levels of research activity
  2. To identify themes in ongoing areas of CBDM research and forecasting of future developments
  3. To identify key areas of core or supporting research which are either lacking or with insufficient activity
  4. To determine key application areas for CBDM and the required data pre-requisites
  5. To codify an authoritative workflow for CBDM that is compliant with agreed quality assurance criteria
  6. To provide guidance on the application of CBDM to predict emerging daylight metrics

The TC is expected to complete in late 2014.

The TC members are:

John Mardaljevic (chair) CBE, Loughborough University, UK A
Eleonora Brembilla (sec) CBE, Loughborough University, UK A
Marilyne Andersen EPFL, CH A
Francesco Anselmo Arup, UK A
Magali Bodart Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium A
Ricardo Cabus Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil A
Jens Christoffersen VELUX, Denmark C
Dominique Dumortier ENTPE, France C
Robert Guglielmetti NREL, USA A
Lisa Heschong Heschong Mahone Group, USA C
Eleanor Lee LBNL, USA A
Amelie Martinez ENTPE, France A
Michel Perraudeau ENTPE, France C
Christoph Reinhart Harvard, USA A
Nicolas Roy VELUX, Denmark A
Valerio Lo Verso Politecnico di Torino, Italy A
Jan Wienold Fraunhofer, Freiburg, Germany A
Stephen K Wittkopf NUS, Singapore A

A = active, C = corresponding

The proposal document for the TC can be downloaded here.

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