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 +===== Visiting the IESD =====
 +John Mardaljevic'​s office is room 1.15f in the Queens Building, Mill Lane, Leicester.
 +The Queens Building is #32 on the [[http://​​aboutdmu/​campuses/​maps/​leic_campus.jsp|Campus Map]]. Please note that a space in the visitor car park (#34 on the map) has to be booked by a DMU staff member several days in advance.
 +The Queens Building is a 15 minute walk from Leicester railway station: [[http://​​maps?​f=d&​source=s_d&​saddr=London+Road,​Leicester,​Leicestershire,​LE2+0QB+(Leicester+Railway+Station)&​daddr=Mill+Lane,​+Leicester+LE1+9BH&​hl=en&​geocode=FZYXIwMdYdTu_yEnVJpCnyM1wQ%3BFa8PIwMdU5vu_ynBPVDp3mB3SDHYY3XCJiD7Cg&​gl=uk&​mra=ls&​dirflg=w&​sll=52.63848,​-1.211243&​sspn=0.343764,​0.595322&​ie=UTF8&​z=16|Google map of pedestrian route]].
 +From the lobby at main entrance to the Queens Buildings, immediately take the stairs to the first floor and then proceed along the walkway. On your left is the main entrance to the IESD (which is restricted access). Use either the internal phone by the door to call me on 7972 or dial 0116 257 7972 using a mobile.
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