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SEUS: Solar Energy at the Urban Scale

Workshop 25-26 May 2010, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France.


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  1. Solar irradiation
    • V. Badescu, Testing 52 models of clear sky solar irradiance computation under the climate of Romania
    • D. Dumortier, Measurements and model of solar radiation using satellites data
    • B.G. Akinoglu, B.Aksoy, Modelling of solar irradiaton - From traditonal models to satellite images
    • P. Blanc, High resolution satellite estimation of the solar resource
  2. Urban Climate
    • S. Grimmond, Comparison of modelling solar radiation and energy balances fluxes in urban areas
    • G. Pigeon, Impact of solar installations on the urban energetic surface-atmosphere budget
    • P. Kstendeuch, A microscale simulation of urban heat fl uxes
    • A. Martilli, Mesoscale modelling of urban atmosphere
  3. Light and Heat Modelling
    • <color black/yellow>J. Mardaljevic, Multi-Scale Climate-Based Daylight Modelling</color>
    • P. Villon, E.Antaluca & B.Beckers, Modelling the city thermal behavior
    • J. Kämpf, Optimization of solar energy utilization potential in the urban context
  4. Urban simulation
    • E. Ng, Daylight needs and solar access in high density city: an experience of Hong Kong
    • I.G. Capeluto, Design tools for solar and daylight access in urban design
    • D. Robinson, Urban scale solar radiation modelling
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