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 +==== CIBSE NW / SLL Event ====
 +**Daylighting and Compliance: A help or hindrance for better buildings?​**
 +Date: Wednesday 3rd November 2010\\
 +Time: 18:00 for 18:30 start (finish 19:30)\\
 +Venue: [[http://​​Studios/​UK/​Manchester|BDP – Ducie Street, Manchester]]\\
 +Speaker: Dr. John Mardaljevic\\
 +Cost: **Free**\\
 +Drinks will be served from 18:00\\
 +{{:​news:​cibse-nw-flyer.pdf|PDF flyer}}
 +[[http://​​index.cfm?​go=regions.details&​item=9|CIBSE NW page]]
 +The drive towards sustainable,​ low-energy buildings has increased the need for reliable methods to evaluate whether a ‘daylit’ building meets minimum standards for energy and human comfort performance. Current metrics do not account for the temporal and spatial aspects of daylight, nor of occupants comfort or interventions. This presentation will:
 +  * Review the historical basis of current compliance methods for achieving daylit buildings and examines upcoming draft proposals e.g. LEED, ASHRAE, etc.
 +  * Propose a technical basis (called climate-based daylight modelling) for the development of better metrics.
 +  * Describe case study examples showing how climate-based metrics can be applied in a practical, real-world context.
 +See also Mardaljevic,​ J., Heschong, L. and Lee, E. Daylight metrics and energy savings. [[http://​​cgi/​content/​abstract/​41/​3/​261|Lighting Res. Technol. 41(3):​261–283,​ 2009]]
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